Your bros didn’t make it to the bachelor party, what do you do? Charge ahead as planned


When I get invited to be part of a close friend’s wedding party, two thoughts come to mind: That lucky bastard found the girl of his dreams and here I am all alone – and – I’m not alone, I have plenty of friends and family and I don’t need a relationship to validate who I am. Well, that second thought goes right out the window when you find yourself completely alone at your friend’s bachelor party.
That’s exactly what happened to Robbie Chernow. #Chicagoforone
Robbie flew out to Chicago to meet with a group of friends for a bachelor party, only to learn that the rest of the group’s flights were cancelled. So he celebrated his friend’s wedding alone in the Windy City and was adventurous enough to share it on Instagram.

At least Elite Daily recognized him for his efforts and solo fortitude


Robbie isn’t fooled. He knows what it means when people tell him to wait.


Certainly an adventurer on par with the Captain of a ship.

Just as 'Captain on the Helm' at #Navypier searches for new land, I search for new friends #chicagoforone

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While he tried to celebrate with the planned Chicago Bears game, he was brutally reminded that he’s still all alone.

Apparently everyone in my section also tried to take Delta to get here. #bears #chicagoforone

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When he looked to Tinder to find some new friends, he found out that Tinder is the same everywhere

Keep an eye on Robbie and is solo adventures in Chicago here on his Instagram.

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