Wedding couple rolls with it in Philly Naked Bike Ride


Years down the line, this epic wedding photo shoot will still be the story to tell for newlyweds Blair Delson and Ross Cohen. On the morning of their wedding, Ross and Blair met with photographer Joe Gidjunis of JPG Photography. Joe warned his clients that there was a chance for hundreds of naked cyclists to ride through at some point on their wedding day. The couples response? They thought it would be hilarious and welcomed the chance of it happening. After a session at the Art Museum, there was no sign of the bikers.


They heard the unmistakable noise of 3,000 nude or semi-nude bicyclists rolling and cheering their way. Blair picked up handfuls of her tulle and lace dress and raced half a block towards the commotion.

We saw them… and I sprinted in my heels and my wedding gown and decided to get into the action.

Her fiance (now husband) was behind in tow as they embraced the riders who were equally excited to find a fully clothed couple in wedding attire enjoying the scenery in front of a camera. Take a peek at some of the photos JPG Photography shared with the world.
Congrats Ross and Blair. The fact that both of you rolled with the ordeal is a strong indication that you two can handle unexpected surprises together.

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