Twitter had a field day with Trump’s Q&A session Monday

In light of Carly Fiorina spiking up in the GOP polls to 2nd place behind Donald Trump (who lost a nice percentage), the front-runner decided to utilize his biggest strength, though some would argue his biggest weakness, and urged the public to ask him questions via Twitter on Monday morning. Over the course of six hours, Twitter dealt with a flood of over 50,000 tweets – some with legitimate questions, some with nasty comments, and some that were just plain hilarious. Let’s have a laugh and thank the Internet once more for anonymous trolling in the #AskTrump campaign.

We’ll start with my favorite tweet of the day.

Then we’ll get into the crux of the matter regarding equality.

Then we asked questions about security.

Some people did have sound advice to give the hopeful President of the United States.

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