Skunk Prevention

Skunks are daunting not because they are fierce warriors, but because they have the power of stink. In addition, they are foragers and will dig up your yard looking for grubs. If a skunk has taken up residency in your yard, the key to convincing him to move is to make your home and yard less desirable. 

Ralf Niehaus
Ralf Niehaus

First and foremost, get rid of any food source that may be attracting the skunks. Don’t leave pet food outside and make sure your garbage cans have lids that cannot be knocked off. To lessen the amount of grubs, keep the soil dry. This does not mean you need to kill your lawn, just don’t over-water.

To deter skunks it is important to make sure they don’t den in your yard. To prevent a skunk from taking up residency, you need to make sure you fill any holes with soil, leaves, straw or even crumpled paper. Check the holes daily because a persistent skunk will move these items aside to make a home. Clean up wood and rock piles that may be used a shelter, and make sure there are no openings for a skunk to get under your deck, shed or stairwell. 

Another tactic is to try to repel them. If you have a cat try sprinkling used cat liter around the area the skunk is frequenting. The smell of the urine will deter the skunk. 

Capsaicin can also deter skunks. Used to make hot sauce, it comes from hot peppers. Try spreading hot sauce around the area the skunk is hanging out. You can also ground up peppers and sprinkle them around. 

Finally, never approach a skunk. If you see a skunk it is best to back away slowly and quietly. If sprayed, take a bath in tomato sauce to ward off the smell.