Simple Feng Shui Tips

Feel like the energy in your home is stagnate or altogether bad? Practicing a little feng shui can create a more peaceful environment. As an ancient Chinese practice, feng shui involves harmonizing your existence with your surrounding environment. Below are a few tips on how to clear out and open up the energy in your space. 

Anoop dh
Anoop dh

Clean Up Clutter

Is your home packed wall to wall? Clutter can be a source of anxiety and negative emotions. Improve the flow of energy by simplifying the room. Rid excess clutter even if it is just your closets that are fillted. Clearing out and better organizing makes an immense impact. Get rid of old papers and magazines and reduce the number of Knick Knacks you have displayed. 

Add Life and Light

Adding life to a room can really improve the energy. This can be in the form of flowers, or a plant or even an indoor tree such as a fiddle leaf fig tree. Allow for lots of natural light to pour in during the day and warm ambient light at night for a soothing glow. 

Rearrange Things

The most efficient and effective way to change the feel of a room is to move the furniture around. This is also a good opportunity to get rid of old furniture and replace it with new furniture, get a new slipcover, or if you’re feeling extra crafty, reupholster. 

Improve your Entryway

The path to your front door should be free flowing if you want good feng shui. Start on the outside and remove anything that blocks, or clutters the path to your front door. Additionally, make sure your front door is in good working order. Give it a fresh coat of paint if need be. Clean up the hardware by giving it a good polish. 

Let it Flow

In feng shui, water represents wealth and the flow of life. Adding a water feature such as a small fountain or aquarian to a room not only brings with it symbolic good vibes, but also a soothing sensation with the sound of rippling water.