Selfies are becoming the death of us


Written by Ke’Anna Bullard
Selfie taking has become a bit of an Olympic worthy sport with people taking the most extreme selfies possible. With this social media culture of sharing everything you do for “likes” and “retweets” it was only a matter of time before something bad would happen because of a selfie.
Russian teen Andrew Retrovsky fell down a 9-story building to his death while attempting to take a selfie, similar to others he has taken.

Всем ку, могла быть моей последней фоткой😊жаль что смазалась😢

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Apparently, he was hanging on to a rope to give the image of falling when the rope snapped. Sadly this is not the first death from a selfie.

A few weeks ago a Japanese man fell to his death down the stairs trying to take a selfie at the Taj Mahal and injured one other person. Another man accidentally shot himself attempting to take a selfie. The Russian Government has even released a guide on where and where not to take selfies, because people seem to think on top of trains is a good location for a quick snap.
I love a good selfie myself, but these extreme cases are just ridiculous. No selfie is worth your life. Stick to taking selfies at restaurants instead of eating and at sports events instead of watching the game.

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