Selena Gomez spotted on set in ‘Neighbors’ sequel

So if you haven’t heard already, 2014 comedy hit Neighbors is getting a sequel due out some time in 2016, with a rumored subtitle Sorority Rising. The original cast of Seth Rogan, Zac Effron and Dave Franco will be returning among many others.
With the gaggle of hot studs in the first movie, you know creators of the sequel are looking for an equally impressive cast to balance it all out.
While there is no official word, Selena Gomez was spotted on set, wearing a hot pink bandage dress and big feathered earrings.

Turgeon / Splash News
Turgeon / Splash News

Who knows what are the girls dressed in white behind her are up to. I guess we’re just going to have to wait and find out in 2016.

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