Loki_the_wolfdog’s wild adventures

There is really something to be said about the bond humans and animals can build over a lifetime. Just thinking in terms of dogs, I automatically bring up the phrase, “man’s best friend”. The first time my father and I cried together was when we had to say goodbye to our Chow, Panda after 11 years of life – I was 13-years-old. It was the hardest thing I had to do at that point in my life, and I still hold memories of Panda close to my heart like I would family.

If you owned a dog, cat, meerkat, turtle or any other animal you’ve shared your life, and more importantly your heart with, you already understand what I’m talking about. After stumbling upon Loki_the_wolfdog’s Instagram, I couldn’t help but share the clear love between Loki and his owner. The owner explained that the reason he takes Loki everywhere he travels is because he can’t stand seeing dogs locked away.

uncomplicated relationship #Pendledog #Pendleton @pendletonwm

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Essence of chill. #hammockdog #GoPro #Hero4Session

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You can find WAY more photos of Loki and his family on his Instagram

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