What Should I Do if I Find a Dead Animal?

Road to Uluru by Joan Campderrós-i-Canas


Do NOT touch roadkill!

If you find a dead animal by the road, don’t touch it! It might be infected with a disease that you could pick up. You can possibly harm yourself and make the situation worse. There are animal services that are trained to handle situations like these. Call the local non-emergency number (3-1-1 in most US/CA cities) and they can help get you in touch with them.

Danger to traffic

If the animal is in the way of upcoming traffic, call the police and they will take care of it or give you advice on what you can do. Do not stop to try to pull it out of the way on a busy road with high speed vehicles as you could get hit. Police and departments of transportation have plenty of experience dealing with issues like these and will likely help fix them far more safely and efficiently than you alone.