How Do I Join a Fraternity or Sorority?

Boston/Cambridge MA by Rusty Clark
Boston/Cambridge MA by Rusty Clark

Many college freshman arrive to college feeling wide-eyed and somewhat nervous about their future. While most stress derives from challenging academia, students also wonder how they’re going to engage in the local social scene. Some may choose to join academic clubs, while others may find enjoyment in joining sports clubs. Some students may opt to join the Greek system, which recruits students to join a specific fraternity or sorority. Each fraternity has its own technique to choose individuals that are fit for their family. In general, Greek system is very big and every Greek organization has its positives and negatives.

First step

At every school, most fraternities present a week called Rush Week. To promote this week, flyers and booths are placed all over campus to alert students. Come up to each fraternity, take their fliers and schedules for Rush Week, and spark up a short conversation with each. Which ever one appeals to you, go to their rush events. These rush events are meant to be like a intro week for you to get to know the members of that fraternity as well as them to get to know you. Go to a couple different fraternities’ rush events and if you find a specific one you like, attend more than one of these events. With time, the fraternity will recognize you as a possible candidate since you’ve been showing up at the rush events, meaning you are interested.

Second step

Once the fraternity lays eyes on you, they will ask you if you would like a bid. A bid means that a certain amount of members want you to join the fraternity so they vote for you to go on to the next stage. If you accept, you are entering the second stage before entering a fraternity known as “pledging”. You will be tested in various ways by the members along with other people that want to join the fraternity. Through this process, you will get very close to the members and guys that are just like you trying to join. If all events and tasks are executed properly, the members with recognize you as one of their own and you will have a ceremony for you and the others who passed. Then you are officially a member.

Final step

Treat these group of people like your family, because that’s how they are intending to treat you. Becoming a member of a fraternity is a huge step in everyone’s college career so take advantage of all the opportunities. Each member is another connection and college friend you have–you never know this person might be your best friend, co-worker or even an employer later. Have fun, stay safe and enjoy!