How To Do Laundry

Laundry Day by David Mayerhofer

Laundry Day by David Mayerhofer

When you buy an item, it is important that you read the care and wash instructions, as to not ruin the item. Washing clothes is very simple once the steps are followed correctly. A small slip up in water heat can change or ruin the color and material of clothing.

Preparation for the perfect wash
-Split the clothes into two piles: colors and whites
-Wash colored clothes in cold water
-Wash white clothes in warm water
-If an item is stained, remove it by scrubbing it with club soda before putting into washer
-Add laundry detergent as the water is filling up in the washing machine
-Before placing clothes into washing machine, check all pockets
-Place clothing in dryer, but make sure to read labels on clothing to determine whether to hang dry or machine dry them

After wash
To keep your clothing in pristine condition, untangle and hang your clothes after they are done drying. Iron dress shirts and slacks. Hanging delicate items will prevent them from wrinkling, so place them on a hanger in your closet. Fold other items like t-shirts, socks, and underwear and place them in a drawer.

Clothing tips
-Do not wash clothes that say ‘dry clean only’. These items are very delicate and require proper attention to keep them clean
-Try not to wash your jeans. It’s scientifically proven that bacteria do not thrive on jeans, meaning you can wear them numerous times without washing them
-It is recommended that you put your jeans in the freezer overnight or air them on a clothes line outside to get rid of any odors