How Do I Start Ballroom Dancing?

Ballroom Dancing
Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dancing is a very elegant, yet difficult sport. Ballroom dancing trains both your body and mind. Your body strength, balance, focus, reflex and coordination all comes into play in every dance. Many people that pick up ballroom dancing have a set goal planned for themselves, whether they want to be a social dancer, a professional dancer, or simply enjoy a fun hobby.

The first steps
If you are thinking of diving into ballroom dancing, the number one step is to decide your goal with this sport. Watch videos and shows such as “Dancing with the Stars”, or go to dance schools and observe. By seeing ballroom dancing in action, you can already start preparing yourself for this intense sport. Take a lesson or two before signing up for a full-time program.

Start dancing
Go open minded and don’t be mad at yourself for messing up or tripping/falling–this is perfectly normal. Many dancers obtain their sense of balance after dancing for only a few months. Next step is to get comfortable with your partner and trust one another. Without chemistry the dance will never look natural, so follow one another’s steps and keep you eye contact and posture identical to one another. The most important part is have fun by loosening up and removing all thoughts from your head. Just listen to the music and sway your body in order to compliment the beat.