How Do I Cook a Tasty Meal for Under $5?

pasta by flavorrelish

pasta by flavorrelish

Who wouldn’t want to make a breakfast, lunch, and dinner meal with each costing under $5? This is unheard of for most, but here are some recipe and ideas to get the most for your buck.

Filling breakfasts:
1. If you are making a breakfast for your family of approximately 4 people, oats and oatmeal with banana and yogurt is a healthy and filling combination. You can also choose to add additional ingredients, such as raisins, seeds and any other fruits
2. For a quick and tasty meal, you can also eat a bagel, toasted or not, with optional cream cheese. Feel free to put any spices or flavored cream cheese on the bagel. To spice up the flavor, consider putting lox (salmon), bacon, or eggs on your bagel.
3. Running to work? Don’t worry! This breakfast takes less than a minute to make. Take Granola Raisin Bran or any other cereal you prefer and mix it with the yogurt of your choice.

Filling lunch:
1. Just got back from work and too hungry to make lunch? Create a simple and quick tasty omelette. Mix eggs, your choice of veggies and/or meat, and cheese into a frying pan and cook it over a stove.
2. Pasta with the sauce of your choice, and meatballs
3. A grilled cheese sandwich, with some fresh or steamed vegetables
4. Pizza

1. Beef Stroganoff
2. Potatoes with gravy and broccoli with cheese shredded on top
3. Fish sticks and Macaroni & cheese
4. Canned food