Healthy Living Life Hacks for Couch Potatoes

Just because you have permanent squatting rights on the couch in front of the tube doesn’t mean you can’t live right. Make use of these healthy living life hacks to coordinate physical activity with your TV schedule.


Here’s the thing – every commercial break is an opportunity for both good and evil. You can use every break as an opportunity to stuff your face and replenish your stock of junk food and drinks that’s available and handy. Or… you can use the break to do a workout and make up for the fact that you’ve been vegetating on the couch as a zombie watching TV without moving a muscle or exercising your brain in any way.

If you choose the workout option, you will also be avoiding the urge to get some more snacks and drinks, which is by itself a big win in terms of fitness and health. 

So, if you’re planning on doing workouts, you need a schedule and some routines. There usually six 3-minute breaks in a one-hour show on television. Start Break 1 with couch pushups – kneel down on the floor about two feet from the couch, hold the edge of the couch with both hands and lower your body down until your chest touches the couch, and back up and down and up and… you get the idea.

Break 2 can be spent doing sit-ups. Lie down on the couch and sit up with your hands above your head. Terribly hard to do for someone who hates getting up off the couch. Break 3 can similarly be even more agonizing – do armchair stands where you almost sit down on the couch but lift yourself back up (without using hands or any support) before your butt hits the couch.

For Break 4, do some jogging. If your house has stairs that take you up and down, run from the couch to the stairs and up and down them before you get back to the couch.

For Break 5, let’s do some bicycling. Lie down on the couch and then raise your legs up and do some scissor kicks like you’re pedaling hard. It’s just empty air but surprisingly hard for someone who hasn’t ridden a bike for ages.

For Break 6, you deserve a break, so go get some water and drink up. It’s good to stay hydrated, especially after having suffered through an hour of television time on the couch.