Healthy Living Life Hacks for Couch Potatoes


Just because you have permanent squatting rights on the couch in front of the tube doesn’t mean you can’t live right. Make use of these healthy living life hacks to coordinate physical activity with your TV schedule. Here’s the thing – every commercial break is an opportunity for both good and evil. You can use […]

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Tips On Buying A Pre-Owned Car


Buying a used car can be just as exciting as buying a new car if you handle the situation the right way. Nobody wants to buy a lemon, but it happens. To avoid buying a junker use the following steps: Make a Choice Decide what kind of car you want first. Make a list of […]

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Simple Feng Shui Tips

Anoop dh

Feel like the energy in your home is stagnate or altogether bad? Practicing a little feng shui can help.to create a more peaceful environment. As an ancient Chinese practice, feng shui involves harmonizing your existence with your surrounding environment. Below are a few tips on how to clear out and open up the energy in […]

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Polishing Silver

A Class Metal Finisher

Over time silver tarnishes, leaving it with a darker color, sometimes even black. The cause of tarnish is silver reacting with sulfur in the air to form silver sulfide. The silver sulfide is what blackens the surface of your silverware. However, it is easily cleaned and removed with a homemade polish blend with a few […]

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