5 Life Hacks Possible Through the Scientific Properties of Salt


Salt can solve a whole range of every day problems. “It’s basically magical fairy dust,” is what we’d say if science didn’t exist and the properties of sodium chloride or NaCl hadn’t already been discovered and widely used. However, in case you’re unaware of said properties and would like them explained in context of every […]

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How to Be a Gentleman: 6 Timeless Tips


In a world full of boys, even full-grown men who act completely immature, being a true ‘gentleman’ seems to be a fading art form. When you compare the way twenty somethings and even thirty somethings used to act just 40 or 50 years ago to how they are acting today, you would see a stark […]

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3 Ways to Move to a Foreign Country


If you’ve been planning on moving to a foreign country, whether it is for work opportunities, because you don’t agree with the political environment in your home country now, or you prefer a more financially friendly location, there are plenty of things to learn about the process. Millions of people immigrate and emigrate from countries […]

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How to Start Getting Ready for College


Having a child going off to college is extremely traumatic for most parents. For the teenager, leaving home and getting out from underneath the ‘iron fist’ of their parents can be like being born once again. It’s an incredible amount of freedom, but it also comes with a significant amount of responsibility. In order to […]

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