5 Differences in “The Fellowship of the Ring” Movie that Totally Alter the Story

Let’s get the record straight. The Lord of the Rings trilogy is the trilogy. For the previous generation, it was Star Wars, but then Peter Jackson did a crazily detailed adaptation of JRR Tolkien’s epic journey across Middle Earth to rid the world of evil.

Sure, film and literature are two disparate mediums that shouldn’t be compared, but it’s just super difficult not to, especially when the changes straight up robs the viewer of important information or character development.

Jackson did a fabulous job and overall, The Fellowship of the Ring was better than the book. But there are some things our geek heart can’t forgive like…

5) Tom Whatshisface


4) Arwen’s Badass Rescue Comes at the Cost of Another Elven Badass

arwen saves

3) Bilbo Really Should Know Better

bilbo disappear

2) Galadriel’s Cheapskate Gift to Sam

sam gift fellowship

1) You Can Bend Time with a Little Bit of Movie Magic

Gandalf revelation