5 Awesome Uses For Tennis Balls

Wimble-Bun! by Carly Lesser & Art Drauglis

Protecting Floors
Cut a small X on the top and pop onto furniture legs. This will protect your floors from scratches and will make sliding the furniture easier.

Poke two holes and tie a string through through the ball. Attach it to the ceiling so that it taps your windshield as your car drives in. No more worrying about being too close or too far.

Use it as a massager or like a foam roller. Place the ball against a wall and lean onto the ball in the spot that feels tight. Just make sure to turn your head if you’re facing the wall–you don’t want to hurt your nose. You can do the same on the floor, just make sure to increase pressure in a controlled manner–doing otherwise may cause injury and pain.

Spider Web Cleaner
If you can’t reach the spiderwebs in the corners of a ceiling, the ball is an easy way to do so. Just don’t do it at 3am, if you have neighbors upstairs.

Playing Tennis
Why not use them for their original purpose?